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George vs George~ The American Revolution Seen from Both Sides {Must Read Mentor Text}


I know it is pure craziness right now as everyone preps for Christmas, so I am interested to see how many people link up this week.  Last week, for science, there was only 2!  Eek!  But I understand!  Things get crazy!

This post is going to be short as well.  We spent yesterday trying to finish up our Christmas shopping.  Insanity.  Apparently a lot of other people waited until yesterday to go shopping, too.  Go figure.  ;O)

Stacia has the flu!  Ick!!  It's going around our school so I am very glad that we get two weeks away so hopefully these kids can get well and we can stop passing that nastiness around.  Double ick.

Anywho, onto the reason you are here!!

Today I wanted to share with you a book that I use when I teach about the American Revolution (my absolute FAVORITE part of our social studies curriculum!!!)

I brought all of my American Revolution stuff home to look through over the break because we start the Road to Revolution in January!!  I'm so excited!!

This book is great for comparing and contrasting the two Georges (George Washington and King George III).  

From Amazon:  Rosalyn Schanzer's book is an accessible account of one the most vital periods in American history. It is also a timeless lesson in seeing history from different points of view. The author spent two years researching books, paintings, cartoons, and descriptions of Revolutionary times. She uses art, text, and first-hand accounts to illustrate how history should never be reduced to simplistic conflicts between the "good guys" and the "bad guys." Her illustrations, and her engaging quote bubbles, bring the Revolution to life again, and allow the characters of the period to speak for themselves. Through its lively text, detailed illustrations, and fully authenticated quotes, George vs. George shines fresh light on both sides of the story of our country's formative years.

This is a long book- you wouldn't want to try to read it all in one sitting.  I usually only read bits and pieces that I feel really show both sides of the story.  Not only that, it compares the two men- their character and their lives- with is great for character analysis.  We want to hate King George III because of his treatment of the colonies, but this book actually shows that he wasn't actually trying to be mean...It's fun for students to try to come to terms with their feelings about King George III while hearing how he wasn't all that different from George Washington.  

And of course, who doesn't love George Washington?  So, if King George III was very similar to him, what does that mean??  This book sparks great conversations!

We will be using a graphic organizer to compare and contrast these two Georges.  Feel free to download this one if you can use it!  (Stacia made the clipart- aren't they cute!)
We may try this in a few different ways, but I'll share more about that after we actually do it!  I also share last year about how I used this book HERE (you'll find some more freebies!)

If you teach about the American Revolution, I strongly recommend you take a look at this book, even if you just read it for your own information, it's VERY informative!!  But, I promise you, the kids do love it!

It also has some great text features, like speech bubbles and drawings with captions, which makes it a great mentor text for nonfiction/informational writing.  Students can easily use this as a model for their own writing!

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  1. Thanks for another great link. I really appreciate the time you put into hosting this every Sunday! I always get great new ideas!
    Uggg...I'm off to finish up shopping and grocery shop!
    Have a wonderful break!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun 

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    2. That would be linky! I tried to reply, but autocorrect twice...hence the other deleted post! Sorry! :-)

    3. Did you guys know that there was an answer to the Declaration of Independence? It was a letter written to King George III and responded to by 2 British brothers one of whom was an admiral and the other was a general. We discovered the "answer" in the Williams College library in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

  2. Sounds like a great book! And your George vs. George graphic organizer is so cute!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  3. Congrats on your one year anniversary. You ladies have accomplished so much including starting this incredible linky. I am so glad that I met you ladies along this blog-venture : ) . I wish I had a book to link up but between nearly being in a food-induced coma and battling the ice-storm I have nothing to add : (

  4. What perfect timing! When we get back from break, we too will be studying the Revolutionary War. I haven't heard of this book, but I love the comparing and contrasting of George Washington and King George. Thanks for sharing!
    Fifth Grade Wit and

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