Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims - Must Read Math Mentor Text Linky

Happy Sunday!

I'm here to share a fun Math Mentor Text with you! I hope that you will link up your mentor texts as well! :)

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I thought I would share an adorable Thanksgiving math book. It's called One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims.  And yes, it is definitely a little (or a lot!) below fourth grade level, but I still LOVE it, and I am excited to share how I am going to use it with my big kids!!!!!!

Oh, this book is just SOOOOOO CUTE!

I love this book for Math, but I also love it for teaching about Thanksgiving and the interaction between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. Just looking at the pictures can teach students so much!
This book is great for working on counting skills with Pre-K and Kindergarten children. Students are easily able to count the number of objects in each illustration. But, I want to use this book with my fourth graders so I came up with a few ideas.

First, we have Kindergarten buddies. So, we are going to read this book with them, and I will have my fourth graders sit next to their buddies as we read the book so that they can discuss it with them. I will even have them use whiteboards with their buddies to draw and write out the numbers and pictures.
Then, I am going to have my fourth graders create their own  books! They are going to create books modeled after this one to share with their Kindergarten buddies. They will get to choose their own theme such as Christmas, farmyard, etc... They love to create books, and having the audience be their Kindergarten buddies will make it even more fun!

Finally, we will use this book as a springboard for creating and solving word problems. My students always need practice with word problems, whether it is simple addition and subtraction, or more complicated multiplication and division problems. I will create some word problems first using information from the book, and then I will challenge my students to create Thanksgiving word problems. We are going to compile all of our problems into a class Thanksgiving Math Book to share with Amanda's class. Should be fun! I like to have my students create their own problems because it stretches their thinking. They have to apply what they know to create and solve problems.  :)

Do you have any other ideas to use with this book?

Please link up your Math Mentor Texts!  I am looking forward to seeing what you share!  :)   Have a great week!

-Stacia  :)

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  1. This book looks adorable! I love your ideas to have your students create their own books to share with their buddies! It really gives them a purpose for writing when they have a real audience.
    Thanks again for hosting!

  2. What a cute book. I love that your students will share with their buddy class. I am sure they love it!

  3. What great ideas! I am sure that your students' reading buddies will LOVE that book and the activities you have planned :) I really like how you've taken a book on a much lower level and still found a creative way to incorporate them in your classroom.

    Happy Sunday, friend!

    I'm off to work on my Mentor text blog post :)

    Joy in the Journey

  4. I love that you are reading it to your buddies and then making your own books. My students always love creating and sharing things with their buddies. Great ideas! Have a great week ladies!


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