Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ecosystems Galore! On Meadowview Street Must Read Mentor Text and More!

Happy Spring! Happy Sunday!

Today's Mentor Text Linky is all about Spring/Summer/End of Year Books since we had an extra Sunday in April (or maybe we got off track one week....anyways, yay for summer books!). I am really looking forward to sharing with you an adorable book and some ecosystem activities!

My ecosystems unit is always my favorite to teach, but sadly it's the one that always gets cut short since it's at the end of the year. :(
Well, this year, I have tried to incorporate more science and social studies into my language arts block so I have been able to squeeze in ecosystems content through favorite mentor texts like The Great Kapok Tree and Stellaluna. The book I am sharing today could be used in science or language arts!

It's called On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole. It's actually Amanda's book, but I just haaaaaaaaad to borrow it!  :)

A description from Caroline lives on Meadowview Street. But where's the meadow? Where's the view? There's nothing growing in her front yard except grass. Then she spots a flower and a butterfly and a bird and Caroline realizes that with her help, maybe Meadowview Street can have a meadow after all.

Some ideas for using the book:
*Sequencing the steps that Caroline takes to create her nature preserve
*Identifying the components of the ecosystem that Caroline creates
*Identify and discuss the predators, prey, consumers, producers, and other vocabulary
*Create a food chain and food web of the ecosystem
*Grammar skills- quotation marks, adverbs, adjectives

I also want to share some of our ECOSYSTEMS products available in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store. I am so excited because I finally finished my big Ecosystems Vocabulary Unit with Interactive Notebook Flip Books, a PowerPoint slideshow and more!  :)   I am including a few pictures below if you want to check them out.

Ecosystem Mini Book

Ecosystems Vocabulary BINGO

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!  

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  1. Guess who is not following the rules - that's right me - linked up a book just cause I wanted too : )
    Thanks for the new book suggestion - will have to check it out and file it away for next year during Earth Week.

  2. I'm so excited to check out your ecosystem resource! We just finished our unit, but your ideas look FANTASTIC! Thanks!

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