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March Monday Made It- American Revolution Lesson Ideas, Clipart, St. Patrick's Day Centers for Big Kids, and a Whimsical Tutu...OH MY!

You may be asking what on earth these four things have to do with each other...well...we are linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!!

Here is Made It for HOME from Amanda:
Sorry for the blurry smartphone photos!  grrrr.
Yes, technically I helped make this child, but that's not my Monday Made It!  ;O)

Our school celebrates Read Across America Day and the unmentionable birthday.  So, we celebrate, whimsical style!!  This year, I decided to make my daughter a "whimsical" tutu to celebrate the day!!  She loved it!  My word, was it poofy!  But, it was sooooo cute!  I also added the blue tutu material (I'm sure it has a name but I can't recall it right now) to the bow.  Of course, the blue boa just makes it!  ;O)

Here's how it went:
I cut the material into 3 inch strips.  (Why 3 inches, I have no idea, I guess it just looked good at the time!)  ;O)

Then I started tying it to the elastic that I had already measured and sewn together for her.  To tie it, I made a loop and then pulled it through.  

I alternated the colors.  And that's it!  The easiest, whimsical costume EVER!

Here is Made It for SCHOOL from Stacia:

We have been studying the American Revolution, and the students are loving it! Okay, I am loving it too!  I never even realized how excited I was about U.S. history until I started teaching social studies last year (I was always the science teacher and now I get to do both!).  :O)   

I have been trying to integrate my social studies content into language arts, and I finally found the PERFECT book to accompany our study of the Revolutionary War. My students LOOOOOOVED it!!!  They asked for me to REREAD it every day for 2 weeks!!! Well, I didn't reread it every day but we read it many times, and the students were just as engaged as they were the first time. The book touches so many emotions that the kids really just fell in love with it and I did too.  :)  So what is this book you ask???  
It's The Scarlet Stockings Spy by Trinka Hakes Noble. 
The Scarlet Stockings Spy
This fabulous book tells the story of a young patriot girl who is a spy for the Continental Army. And a warning- you might cry! I did...but it's soooo good!  And wait until you see the illustrations!!!  Soooo beautiful!

I created a literacy unit to accompany our study of this book. Since we are diving in to the Common Core Curriculum this year I am trying to create more lessons with critical thinking skills. I want my students to defend their thinking with evidence from the text. Here are some activities included in this unit

Here are the response pages where students have to defend their thinking with text evidence. I tell them to pretend they are detectives searching for the evidence.  :O)  What I love about these is that there isn't one "right" answer. There are many possible answers as long as the students back up their thinking with text evidence.

I always try to include inferencing in my lessons. It is such a hard skill to grasp for many of my students.
Please check out our Teachers Pay Teachers store for more information about this product. 

And you know that we love to have little giveaways can win this unit for free by just doing these 2 steps:
1) Pin this unit on Pinterest 
2) Comment on this post and leave your email and the Pinterest ID (all you have to do is copy the url after you pin it on your board and then paste it in the comment section)

We will pick 3 winners on Tuesday evening! Good Luck!!

Leaping Leprechauns:  St. Patrick's Day games for big kids!!
These games are perfect for centers, small groups, or early finishers. Click to see more information in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store

I  finally made MY OWN clipart!!!!!! This is something I have been messing around with for a loooooooong time and I finally have done it!  Yay!!!! So of course I have to share it with you! 

It's called "Shamrock Cuties." Check this post to see how you could win these little cuties!!!  Hurry, you only have today to enter to win!  :O)
shamrock cuties at our TPT store

Another set I made was for the American Revolution!  

You can check them out at our TpT store by clicking the picture.  

Made It for SCHOOL From Amanda:

Well, sweet Stacia made the American Revolution clipart so I could make a literature/American Revolution unit to go with this book:
Can you tell that we love integrating social studies into language arts?  Well, not only that, but there's just not enough TIME to do all we need to during our short SS time period, so we pretty much have to integrate!

I love this book because the author uses a play on words that get readers thinking about what he is really trying to say.  Enter, making inferences!

For example, he says, "Tom was an independent lad," and then goes on to tell how Tom was "independent" as a child.  Students can INFER that the author chose this word to describe Thomas Jefferson because he was the author of the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE.  Isn't that fun???

Anywho, this is what I made to go along with the book:

If you teach the American Revolution, this would be a great addition to your collection and a great way to integrate!!  :O)  You can check it out by clicking on any of the pictures and visiting our TpT Store.  I'm going to do a giveaway for this unit later in the week so we don't get all confused in the comment section!  :O)  

Phew!  If you made it through all of THAT then you are the BEST!

We hope you are having a wonderful week so far!
Amanda and Stacia

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  1. Your book unit looks wonderful. If I win, I'll have to buy that book!

    Math is Elementary

  2. I love all your new products! I don't officially teach the revolution but somehow I sneak it in in bits and pieces! 3rd grade social studies is not all the exciting! I pinned! :-))
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  3. These look great! I have been thinking about doing book units over the summer--I am your newest follower!


    You know I love your Ideas ladies...this works perfect with us finishing up the American Revolution and moving soon to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution

  5. Wow, Amanda and Stacia! Such great looking units. I completely agree about not having enough time in the day to get in all the science and social studies I'd like to. We use Treasures reading curriculum and just this week we learned about scientists and inventors. I used that as a jumping off point and added in some more durning our science time. The kids love it!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  6. OK, I need ALL of your Rev War units!

    Fifth in the Middle

  7. Wow this is wonderful. Great idea!


  8. I forgot to put my email.


  9. I absolutely love that tutu! I run the ballet club at my school. I think I know what our next costumes might look like... Thanks for sharing!

    Eclectic Educating

  10. First of all, that whimsical tutu skirt is adorable!! I have absolutely zero sewing talent or anything involving fabric so these type of made its really impress me:) My curtains in my classroom were made with hot glue. Need I say more?

    Next, I am in LOVE with all your American Revolution goodies! We just started "Can't You Make Them Behave King George" today and I spend forever on the American Revolution because I just love teaching it. After spring break, we will read Toliver's Secret. I used it for the first time last year and the students loved it. I have one copy of the John, Paul, George, and Ben book and I am adding that pack to my wish list!

    Wow! Awesome work on the clipart too!! You guys (girls) are amazing:)

  11. I pinned it! *Fingers crossed* :)

    p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the John, Paul, George, and Ben book - I find it hard to finish reading the sentences to my kiddos because I'm laughing too hard :)

    Joy in the Journey

  12. I'm in love with your American Rev Clip Art! They are too cute! You guys amaze me with your creativity. When you do a unit like the ones above, do you end up giving your students all of the pages in a packet? If not, how do they keep track of them all? Last year we used binders for each student, but they got! This year, we did not and I am regretting it. My kids can't hold on to one piece of paper for longer than a few days.

    Love the tulle tutu! My three year old wears a different colored one every week to ballet during the summer! :)

    Pinkadots Elementary

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all!! ANd LOVE the cute little clipart!!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

  14. GEESH you guys have been busy! LOVE the Peanut would also love it. :) And my fingers are crossed for the clipart AND the sweet giveaway. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  15. Your clipart is AMAZING! Love love love! I'm so excited for you :) Your Monday Made It is adorable! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas!


  16. Looking great ladies! :)

    Teaching In Oz

  17. Wow! The two of you sure have been VERY busy! I love all of your ideas.

  18. Loved the new ideas! Here's the pin...

    Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

  19. Love your clipart! And so jealous of your big kids St. Patrick's Day fun. St. Patrick's Day always falls during our spring break. Boo!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?


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