Friday, April 5, 2013

Five for Friday- Gallon Man, Protractors, Sparkly Stripes Freebie Background, and SPRING BREAK!

Hey there!  We are here for our Friday link ups!!

How did our week look...weeeeeeell....

1)  Stacia watched my class while I went to an SST this week and she did the gallon man with them since we are learning about capacity.  I had a sub, but, I didn't want to just leave busy work, so Stacia volunteered to take my kiddos and teach them about capacity!  Yay!

I love the big G for capacity because it's so visual.  The gallon man (or woman) was cute, too, though! 

2)  Stacia also did a lesson this week involving writing and social studies.  We like to play songs that go with our social studies curriculum, and yes they are fun, but she wanted them to realize that the songs were about what we are learning.  She had them brainstorm everything they knew about the three branches of the government.  Then she played one of the Schoolhouse Rock songs and they could add to their list as it played.  They realized that they had learned a lot, but they also realized how much knowledge they could get just listening to the songs.  Then she had one of her students take down the notes that they shared on the board.

3)  We used protractors this week to measure angles in geometry.  Our math coach shared with me a trick on using coffee stirrers and pipe cleaners to help them measure.  The students absolutely loved this!  They stick the pipe cleaner in the pin hole and then the stirrer in over the pipe cleaner and they can create angles.  We made our own angles first by using a dry erase marker on their desks.  Then we used them to actually measure on our paper.  It was nice because the stirrer was long enough to actually measure the angle even though the line wasn't long enough on the paper!

4)  We have something called Vocabulary Day each year.  Every student in the building participates.  They get a word (or choose a word) that is on-grade-level-vocab.  I teach 4th and Stacia and I split up all of the Language Arts terms we could think of.  Then we let our students pick from that list.  Our teammates did the same for math, science, and social studies.  Students create some form of representation for the word with the definition and then we parade around the school.  This year we had over 400 guests come to watch.  Unfortunately, it was raining so we had to do it inside, which was very chaotic, but we usually do it outside on the track.  We always do it the Friday before Spring Break, so I'm sure you can imagine the mood in our school today!!!

5) Our freebie!!  I created my very first "clipart" (ok, it's really just paper, but I was excited about it).  Then I added our border onto it.  So, you have a "cover page" for TpT products or a poster background.  I made a poster so you can see it in action!  Just click here to get your freebie!!

Thanks, Kacey and Amanda, for letting us link up!!
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  1. I really like your idea for engaging the kiddos during the social studies song. I have a lot of songs I like to use during ss but I sometimes worry some kids have hit the off button when the music comes on, so I'll have to try this next time! Thanks for the idea.

    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. LOVE vocabulary day! What a great way to teach new words and get kiddos excited about expanding their vocabulary. Have you ever read the book, Miss Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster? I'm guessing you have, but if not...check it out. Perfect for your vocabulary day!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. You both are so creative. So many fun and engaging activities this week!! Great job with the paper Amanda! :)

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  4. What a great idea about using the coffee stirrers. I have been using the edges of papers. That is a way better idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Eclectic Educating

  5. What a great idea with protractors! I love how many genius ideas I've read on blogs lately!

    Happy spring break!


  6. Your paper is very pretty! Great job! I taught angles this week too. Our book doesn't have the kids using protractors in third but I showed them anyway. They loved it and could have measured all day. The coffee stirrer/pipe cleaner idea looks fun. Vocabulary Day...WOW! I would love to do that! Thanks for sharing!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  7. Those little gallon men just crack me up! Such a great visual! Happy Friday!

    Check out the Giveaway at Lucky to Be in First!

  8. I LOOOOOVE the big G. Our math coach showed us the cutest little story to go with it, too! Of course, we had already done it in my room, but I'm stowing it away for next year. "There once was a Kingdom of Gallon. In that kingdom, there were 4 Queens (quarts). Each of the 4 Queens had a Prince and a Princess (pints). Each Prince and Princess in the kingdom also had 2 Cats (cups). To live in this magical land, each cat had to give up one of its nine lives, so they all only had 8 lives (8 fl oz in a cup). Of course, you can make it more exciting when you tell it. This was the short version. :o)
    ideas by jivey

  9. You girls sure were busy this week in your classrooms! I LOVE your sparkly paper + border...and all your other great clipart you've come up with some far- thanks for sharing!
    Learning to the Core

  10. I personally like Big G better than gallon man, even though he is cute! Big G is easier for my students to jot down on their work mats during an assessment, shoot I jot it down when I need to convert measurements! Love love the pipe cleaner and straw tip! This would of helped my students when I introduced the protractor, that math lesson was a disaster! May use this as a review :)
    Enjoy your Spring Break!


  11. Ah, the dilemma of the big protractor on the tiny angle on the paper...this coffee stirrer idea is genius! Luckily on "the test" the angles will probably be large enough to use with the protractor:)

    I LOVE the vocabulary day idea!! What a great way to get them engaged and they are bound to remember their word forever and at least a couple of their buddies' words too:)

    ENJOY your spring break, girls!! The year will fly from here!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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