Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why'd I buy it? Classroom rug...

Hey there!  I'm popping in really quick to join in on a fun new linky that my sweet friend AMC is starting this month!
Now, this girl likes to shop, but I do feel better when I can justify a purchase, you know?

Last year I bought a zebra print rug for my floor gathering area.

Here is a picture of this rug, in use, last year.  Now, it's a blurry picture, but can you see how the white is already looking dingy?  Yeah.  Yuck.  For some reason, it got really yucky pretty fast.  And, I even had one sweet child color with marker on the white part.  Yep.  Grrrr.

So, this year, I knew the wonderful custodians at my school would clean this carpet and it would look better.  But, I thought, I could move this carpet to another seating space in my room, that wasn't used as much, and I'd get another bright carpet for my room.  (See, justifying my purchase!  I needed a new rug, right?)

So, I saw this...didn't buy it, and then convinced myself that I needed it, and went back to get it!
It's beautiful, right?  It's really prettier in person.  It's aqua, my favorite color!

Um, do you see a problem with this?  Maybe the same problem I had last year?  Yeah.  I didn't see it until I'd bought it, rolled it out, loved it, and then took a second to think.

It has white.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to threaten them with their lives to be nice to my new rug.  What was I thinking????  Oh, I know.  It's aqua, and it's prettyyyyyyyyyy.  Pretty rug!!

So, now I have two rugs, both with white.  When I do my classroom reveal, I'll show you my two spaces.  Apparently, I haven't gotten very good pictures of it yet.  Maybe that's because I went back to school yesterday and I'm in that "back to school" zone of chaos and overwhelm?  I promise to take photos and show you my room!  But for now, I bought this carpet from Lowes because I needed it.  Yep, needed it.  Although I MIGHT should have done a better job of thinking that through.  Would I have changed my mind?  Heck no!!  It's AQUA!!!!!  I LOVE it!  I'll just threaten them....for real...


I can't wait to see what everyone links up!  I mean, I probably should wait because then I'm going to want to go shopping, but, I'm sure I can justify it, you know?  ;O)

By the way, my friend Lisa is having a giveaway!  Please make sure to stop by and enter to win!
I hope you have a great Wednesday! I have to do a presentation for fourth and fifth grade today so send good thoughts my way if you can!  I appreciate it!  ;O)


  1. That rug is beautiful!!! I'm having the same worry--I bought a black with white rug...mostly black but now I'm starting to worry about those white parts...

    I can't wait to see your classroom reveal!! :)

  2. Sending super good thoughts your way for your presentation! I am sure it was awesome : )
    I love that rug, really, really love it! We ordered rugs for our classes out of the catalogue - so just boring regular school ones - now I am very jealous! Thank you so much for linking up - you're the best!

  3. Oh my goodness! I MUST go to Lowe's and get that rug!! Gorgeous! :) How big is it?

    1. AH! I just ripped the tag off. I'd say at least 5'x6'. I'm 5'4" and could easily lay across it. I'm not good with measurements. Eeek! Sorry!

  4. We have a lot in common-aqua, bloggers, and teachers :-) Smiles and stop by anytime.

  5. That rug is AWESOME! I always worry about having white stuff in my room too. Last time I bought a rug it start peeling. I gave up after that. Maybe I need to revisit the idea.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. The rugs are gorgeous! I recently bought a rug with white polka dots...whoops! WE shall see how long it lasts in my classroom library corner before it goes to my teacher corner. Hehe!
    Happy Shopping!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  7. I love your new rug! The color is so pretty. Enjoy!

    Fit to be Fourth

  8. I'm loving the turquoise rug!! I have always stayed away from rugs with white because my kids are brutal on my classroom rugs!!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  9. I love your new rug. Here's a helpful hint for getting out spots easily. In a spray bottle, mix water, white vinegar and a little Dawn (blue). Shake, then spray on area you want to clean, let sit a couple of minutes; take a wet sponge and scrub, spots disappear! It's what I use to clean my bathroom, so I thought I would use it to wipe down the inside of my car-the carpet gets dirty easily since it is tan. It took up old stains quite easily.

    1. Ooooo, great tip! I will have to try that! And in my car too!! Thanks!!


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