Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas in January

Hi there!  I hope everyone has had a smooth start to their week!!

So, I felt a little like it was Christmas today.  Let me give you a little back story...

(If you have a tendency to judge, stop reading now.  I don't want you to have a bad opinion of me.)  :O)

Ok, so for some reason, my hubby decided he wanted to clean out the garage on NEW YEARS EVE (so, imagine my feelings on whether or not I want to spend my day this way).  Anyway, he does not organize things so I was a little stunned and then I felt panic stricken because the garage was a wreck. So, I basically left it to him to "organize" because with my OCD tendencies and love for organization, it was not going to be a good thing for me to go in there and try to take over.

And, when I say it was a wreck, I'm not exaggerating (ok, really, here's where you need to stop reading if you have a weak stomach for messes).  1 year ago (ish) I was moved to 4th grade.  I also had to move classrooms.  I packed all of my 3rd grade stuff up (amid tears) and we brought it home and put it in a nice neat stack in the garage, in case I needed some of it for 4th grade (it's ok- I love 4th now).  

Well, last year we closed our restaurant that we had and we had to bring lots of equipment home.  It went in the garage for storage.  When they unloaded, they just threw it all in there (well, not literally, but close). There was just enough room to walk through to get to the cars, parked in the driveway. (It was soooo bad.)  So, this is where my hubby's need to organize comes from.  He had sold some equipment and we had extra space, so we could now (FINALLY!) move some stuff around.

Well, eventually (I had to come back inside because I couldn't take the disarray) he unearths a brown Scholastic box and brings it to me.  I glanced inside and saw books and I had a vague memory of Stacia and me going to a Scholastic sale.  I put it in my car to take to school.

Flash forward- I was not in any shape to deal with that box last week, so finally, today, while my kiddos were doing their morning work, I pulled out the box and opened it.  And low and behold, it was like Christmas in a box for me!!  Hi, I'm Amanda and I am a book-a-holic!  (Your turn- Hi Amanda!!)

Here is some of what I found:

Picture books!  I love picture books and so do my 4th graders!!  Some nonfiction and some fiction!!  YAY!!  And I LOVE Eve Bunting and I KNEW I had bought Gleam and Glow but I couldn't find it (Obviously.  It was in my garage.  Ugh.)

And, I found these:

You could tell that Stacia and I were shopping for our new 4th grade gig and I was trying to find more books that the boys would enjoy.  But I'm super psyched because we are just about to finish our read aloud of Wait Til Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn and I know they are going to want to be able to read more books from my classroom library by her (and these are GREAT "scary" mysteries for this age group!)  I think my boys will be excited by all these sports themed books and I'm real interested in the one at the top that you can't read because of the glare called Guinea Dog.

I pulled all these books out today and gasped with happiness and the kids looked and then THEY gasped with happiness and were whispering, "New books!"  I LOVE IT!!

I have a problem.  I just can't say no to a book.  I have to have it.  That's why today was Christmas in January for me!!  All those pretty new books!!  (Can you smell them??  I can!  I told you I have a problem!)

And, speaking of things untouched, here's my new toy that I haven't used yet (I know, I know, I plan on using it tomorrow!).  I've read good things about it.

I will let you know how it holds up!!

Finally, I am linking up with Nikki at Sent from My iPad for her technology Linky.  She's doing it all week, so stop by and link up with her!

Today's topic is Technology you can't live without.

So, here's my list:
1.  laptop
2.  iPhone
3.  iPad
4.  camera
5.  DVR
6. document camera

So, 3 questions for you!
1) What book would you be excited to find in a random box found in your garage??
2)  Better yet, (to make me feel better) where might you find a random box full of books that you forgot you had because it was lost in a mess???
3) What technology can't YOU live without?

Happy Tuesday!  :O)  Thanks for reading!  :O)  Hopefully the messy garage doesn't make you think less of me!  ;O)


  1. At least your husband wants to clean the garage! (OK, the choice of days was strange...) My husband always says I can go for it if I suggest organizing something!

    1. I know, you are right!! But most times I'd rather be the one doing the organizing (so I can find everything later!) :O)

  2. Hi Amanda! I'm a book-a-holic too! I'm making an inventory of my books. I'm at 250+ books and I haven't even finished college yet. I'd say I have a big problem! Books would be a great find for me in the garage! It would definitely be like Christmas! Anywhere in my room you can randomly find bags of books that I bought that I ran out of storage for. I'm determined to get organized! Slowly but surely!

    I just love your new blog design! It makes me smile every time I see it! I can't get over it! Mine should hopefully be done next weekend! I can't wait!


    1. You will have a great supply to start with, which is awesome! And thank you about our design, I can't wait to see yours!! :O)

  3. I LOOOOVVVEEE books! I think I could retire on the book collection I have. I love authors and stalk them often! LOL! My sister (who teaches too) and I bought director's chairs for our classrooms. When we go to conferences or authors come to our local Barnes and Noble we have them sign not only our books but our chairs. There is a picture of it on my blog. The kids LOVE to sit in it for reading time. I actually have another seat and back of a chair with more signatures I just need the actual chair. I wish I had a lost box of books somewhere! HA! My hubby is a neat freak so no messy garage here. Technology...I love my laptop and iPhone! Whew...sorry for the long post!! You girls ROCK!!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

    1. Hey Gina!! I'm glad I'm not the only book lover!

      I LOVE the director's chair idea! How cute is that?? I will check it out on your blog!!

      Thanks Gina!!! :O)

  4. Y'all KNOW I'm a bookaholic too!!! I can't help myself when I see a book sale, like Scholastic, and I LOVE spending my points (and let's be honest, I spend my own dollars to get double points!!)
    1) I would be super excited to find "Katie's Trunk" - a fellow teacher let me borrow it and it's WONDERFUL. Aligns with American Revolution, gives a great point of view from a Loyalist colonist, and hello reading skills!! (Can you feel a TPT unit coming??) :)
    2) You would find a random box of books in the back hatch of my SUV. Yes actually, you would. From the Scholastic Book Sale before Christmas that I have yet to bring into the school because it's so freaking heavy!! Ok, I'm doing that today. :-P
    3) Oh jeez, Amanda you know this- I can't live without my IPHONE!!!!

    Y'all girls rock!! Lucky to call you my friends. Love you. <3

    1. Katie's Trunk IS a great book! It's got a great perspective for the kids. I do know you love your iPhone!! :O)


    2. You should be so proud- thanks to you the books made it out of the car- are leveled and are now in my class library!! :)


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