Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Fun with Bats and Stellaluna

I can't believe it's almost Halloween! The time is flying! 

I am so excited to read my favorite Halloween books with my students the next couple of weeks. I am going to start with Stellaluna- one of my MOST FAVORITE books. I am also going to read a nonfiction book about bats so that we can compare and contrast it. This will be a good way to integrate Halloween with the Common Core Standards. :)

I have made some FREEBIES to use with Stellaluna and a nonfiction bat book. Click here to download-
My Favorite Part of Stellaluna
My Bat Facts
Vivid Verbs
Vivid Verbs recording sheet for students

Students draw their favorite part of the story and then write three complete sentences telling why.

Students write down 10 facts they learned about bats.  Great for a daily grade!

These two printables are a fun way for students to record all of the vivid verbs they read in Stellaluna. They are in color and black and white.

Check out our Fiction and Nonfiction Compare and Contrast Pack with Stellaluna and Bats. It is Common Core aligned. Click here- Stellaluna Pack

Stellaluna Pack

I also made some bat crafts to go along with these resources. I can't wait to have my students try them this week. They will be really cute displays!

Click here for the Free printables I used to make these bat crafts-

I am going to put these headings out for my bat displays:

Click here to download these- Bat Display Signs

Happy Sunday! I hope some of these activities will be helpful for you and your students next week. 

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-Stacia and Amanda

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