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Show and Tell Tuesday- Spring Bulletin Boards and Activities

Hey there!

Has spring fever hit at your school?  It has at ours!!  Right in the middle of March Madness (and we aren't talking about basketball!  The madness of prepping for THE TEST!)!

We both decided to make a bulletin board to encourage our students as we head into spring, and everything spring brings with it!


For me, Spring means baseball season is about to start up! I LOVE watching and listening to my ATLANTA BRAVES!!! :) Maybe this will finally be our year...I can wish! :)

So, a few weeks ago I found adorable baseball clip art from melonheadz and I couldn't resist buying it. I knew I wanted to do something special with it but I couldn't decide what. Then, it hit me- a motivational bulletin board showcasing my students' hard work and positive behaviors...just in time for testing. I put the bulletin board up today, and the kids were so excited! I'm glad they like baseball too! :) 

Also, I use sticker charts as a positive behavior management tool. Students can earn stickers throughout the day for following directions, being good citizens, etc. I created some special sticker charts to compliment my baseball theme. 

Finally, I'm going to feature some of my students who are displaying true "All Star" behavior. Some "All Star" behaviors include helping out a friend in need, using excellent work habits or study skills, showing a positive attitude...I want to recognize my students and boost self-esteem.  :)  So, if they are displaying "All Star" behavior, they will get their name on a baseball that will go up on the board (they'll also earn extra stickers too).   :) 


We just had parent conferences and of course with the big test looming, it's all about getting all the information in that we can.  I had noticed that some of the students weren't feeling very confident academically and this is also the time when they start nit-picking at one another and getting on each other's nerves a bit.  I decided we needed to do a little bit of community building along with self-confidence building.

I was thinking about St. Patrick's Day and the good ole pot of gold.  So I talked to them about how THEY are my pot of gold.  Each one is a gold coin and I'm so thankful to get to work with them (yes, I know it's a little sappy, but go with me on the metaphor).  They are my treasure- they need to believe that they are special and a necessary part of our class.

I typed their names on each of the gold coin clipart from Krista Walden's St. Patrick's Days Clipart Set.  (It's on sale right now in case you are interested!)  :O)

Then, I laminated the coins and cut them out.  I gave each student a class list and had them write at least one adjective to describe each of their classmates.  (I had explained that we want to build each other up.  There were to be only positive character traits written.)  I put up a list of character traits they could use to help them think of words, and then they got writing.

After they were finished writing words for each student, I got the gold coins and put one coin up at a time (one student's coin), under the document camera, and all of the students raised their hands with the words they had come up with to describe that particular student.  I wrote them on the coin.  (The students did not give a word for themselves, they were overwhelmed with happiness from listening to their peers giving sweet words that described them!)  

This took a chunk of instructional time that I should have probably been using to teach since I'm so behind in so many subjects right now, but I don't care.  If you could have seen the looks on their faces when the words that described them were called out and written...it was priceless.  We only got through 7 and we'll keep adding more and more each day.  They are so excited to hear the words that describe them!!

Here is what the "bulletin board" looks like so far:
It's actually in the hall, since the bulletin boards in my room are full of content related material right now (please excuse the stuff on the wall around it that I haven't scraped off from what was there before!)  I told them that we'd keep it up for the next few weeks, and then I was going to take the coins down and I'd put them on their desks so they could always see those words that described them (I was hoping it would boost them up when that dreaded test comes around in a few weeks!)

It's not the prettiest board ever, but it's in the eye of the beholder.  When my students saw I had put it up, they were totally thrilled.  That's all that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the finished product:

Sometimes it's the little things that mean so much...(look at all those sweet words!) 

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How do you like our bulletin boards?  :O)  How do you motivate your students when March Madness hits?


  1. But I don't wanna take down their snowglooooooobes!!!!!! :-P

  2. Hey ladies! I might steal that pot of gold. Maybe they could put on kind things about each other. We're always working on that in our room. You need to go link this up with Teaching with Moxie's March Photo Challenge. The theme this month is spring. You might win a TPT gift certificate!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

    1. Thank you! Steal away! Thanks for letting us know about Diane's Photo Challenge!

  3. Testing season is a beast of its own! I love your boards!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  4. Love the bulletin boards! We've been looking for something for our third grade hallway and I have that Melonheadz baseball set also. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    I really like the gold coin idea too. We've been hitting character traits really hard (some of them still just don't get it) and I could use that with character traits. Awesome!

    Love seeing everything you girls come up with :)

  5. What beautiful bulletin boards!

    I'm a big baseball fan too - Sorry but I'm a hardcore YANKEES fan!!! I guess we can still be friends :)

    I LOVE the gold coin idea and will be stealing it promptly :) My kiddos will love it - we talk a lot about "edification" (building one another up) in my classroom, so this will reinforce the idea perfectly.

    Question: I'm thinking of having my blog re-designed and am looking into ordering a custom design from "A Bird in Hand" designs. What was your process like? Are you happy with how yours turned out? Are you glad you made the decision to re-design your blog?

    Joy in the Journey

  6. Yout two are so creative! Baseball and St. Patty's Day are the perfect themes for March. Thanks for hooking up to my Spring Photo Challenge!

    Teaching With Moxie

  7. Very cute board ideas! Love the St. Pat's pack! So many giveaways. Can't keep up....hope I win one! LOL!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  8. Love your new bulletin board! Although it took a chunk of time, I'm sure it is something the students will remember forever! We are in need of something like this right now too, in the midst of state testing month! Ahhh! I'm so glad I found your blog tonight, my best friend and I also teach 4th grade, in Connecticut, and started a blog in January! We also love bright colors, cute classroom posters and themes, and polka-dots! If you'd ever like to link up or do a product swap/review, please let me know!! I'm always looking for new ideas!! Happy (almost) Friday! :)

    Pinkadots Elementary

  9. OK, take two...I think I fixed it! :)

  10. Hi, you explained the topic very well. The contents has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing info
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