Friday, April 12, 2013

Pin it to Win it Spring Break Five for Friday!!

Hi there!!

Well.  We knew it was coming.  The end of Spring Break.  Yes, we have the weekend left still.  But you know how weekends are...  :O)

We are linking up for the Friday fun!!!  Thanks Amanda and Kacey!!


Stacia: So, my husband and I had a wonderful time at the beach for Spring Break! The weather was gorgeous on St. Simons Island...I didn't want to leave. :) We enjoyed food and drinks overlooking the ocean, walked on the beach, rode bikes, and just relaxed. Hard to be back to reality!!!

Look what we added!!!

Come and join us on Sunday or any day next week by linking up a Math Mentor Text!!

We linked up with our good teaching buddy, blogging buddy, and friend Jessica for a mentor sentence series.  If you missed it, click the picture below and it will take you to the start of it all!

Amanda:  I went back to the gym this week.  If you missed the saga of my first day back, click HERE and go to the bottom.  Why in the world I started with a spin class thinking it would be easier, I don't know. This is probably why I haven't been to the gym in a year.  So, I didn't go back on Tuesday because we had plans to do something FUN (which did not include spinning) and my son had soccer practice and I just couldn't fit it all in.  But, I did go back on Wednesday and did what's called a pump class (because you pump iron!).  I did wimpy in 2.5 lbs on each side of my bar.  When they said, add more weight, I said, not on you life!  I have done this class before and I know what happens afterward.  When I told my husband I only did wimpy weights, I could tell he was thinking what's the point.  He understood yesterday when I couldn't walk.  Or bend.  Or lift my arms.  I told him he could come with me next time.  He said, no thanks.

On Thursday I decided to go to kick-boxing, hoping to work some of the kinks out.  Ha.  Yeah.  Just trying to make my body jump around and punch was comical because I wasn't moving as quick as I should have been due to the soreness I was already feeling.  And, there was a lot of jiggle going on that I did NOT care for. That's probably the only thing that kept me going since no one wants any kind of jiggle happening with bathing suit season coming up.

I have to say that I am way worse today.  Once I sit down, it takes an act of Congress just to get me back up.  We are planning on taking the kids to Stone Mountain.  It was my brilliant idea to climb the mountain.  My husband asked if I was sure about this, due to the state I am in (with a smirk).  Of course, I smiled and said that I would be fine and that I had no idea what he was talking about.  Inside, though, I'm a little worried...wish me luck...especially if I have to carry a 2 year old part of the

(I'll try to get pictures...not of my pain...of my family on top of the mountain...)  :O)

Well, I got so excited about my sparkly stripe paper last week that I decided to go ahead and make a whole Sparkly Stripes Paper Pack!!

There are 30 backgrounds (each with a base color and stripe color using pink, blue, silver, yellow, white, and green).

If you'd like this background pack, you can pin it to win it!!  Here's what you do:

1) Pin the Sparkly Stripes Backgrounds on Pinterest 
2) Leave a comment with your email and the Pinterest ID in the comment (all you have to do is copy the URL after you pin it to your board and then paste it into the comment section).

That's it!  I will use a random number generator to find 3 lucky winners this weekend. Thanks for entering!  :O)

We hope that you had a great week!  We can't wait to see everyone's Five for Friday!


  1. I love the sparkly paper, I am thankful for the Mentor Text page and I am laughing at your experiences at the gym this week. Good luck with that mountain!

    Looking From Third to Fourth


    Fifth in the Middle


  4. Cute paper! I just used your other cover in a freebie I posted this morning. :)

    I'm proud of you for making it to the gym! My husband mentioned that he would be interested in going on a cruise in July since prices are going down so I really need to get in shape!!

  5. Love your new tabs on your blog! You girls make such cute clipart/frames/paper- super excited you are continuing to make more!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Learning to the Core

  6. I'm loving those sparkly papers! Here's my pin:

    And kudos to you for getting back to the gym! I really need to get back to week :)

    Fun in Room 4B


    Where is St. Simons Island? I've never heard of it! The pump-iron class sounds scary! I can't imagine going to kickboxing the day after that!

    Everyone deServes to Learn


    These are so cute! I hope I win!

    Rose Loiacono

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Cuteness! Your gym stories are killing me. I'd like to say they are inspiring me to go to a gym, but no so much. Good luck tomorrow!


  11. St. Simons Island looks gorgeous! I can see why you didn't want to leave. Amanda, it sounds like you really hit the gym hard. That sounds like an intense week!

    Eclectic Educating

  12. Hi seeing what you have been up to. Gotta love the gym - I love kickboxing and running...haven't done spin but am wanting to try - should I really be wanting to try - maybe that's not the right word...LOL Have a great weekend!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After


    Love the sparkly paper it is so cute! It sounds like spring break was successful for both of you!

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Learning to the Core

  14. Sounds like you girls are super busy!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  15. I can almost feel your pain Amanda, and boy am I jealous Stacia! My spring break was over weeks ago, and to add insult to injury it SNOWED here in Toronto yesterday and we had freezing rain today! Where did spring go? I think the groundhog LIED! LOVE you all your stuff! Have a great weekend ladies! (I pinned it..hope to win it!

  16. Wow - that beach looks INCREDIBLE! I could almost feel the sand between my toes...almost being the key word :) Jealous!

    I just added tabs at the top of my blog this week too!

    I am fascinated by your Mentor Sentences idea - I've never heard of that concept before...but I'm all for it! Definitely working out how I can implement that :)

    I pinned it - hope I win it!

    Joy in the Journey

  17. Loved the beach photo...and the story about the gym reminds me why I am never going to join one of those places!

    You are so creative...pinned this adorable paper pack here:

    FIngers crossed...

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  18. Love it!

  19. These are adorable!

    And, I hear ya on spin. That class is a joke!!!!

    Lucky to Be in First

  20. I'm feeling really lucky....
    I love those gym stories! You're brave going back 3 times-it took me all spring break to recover from the one class! We went to Stone Mountain last summer for our vacation-beautiful!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  21. You crack me up with your gym stories, Amanda! Love the beach photo, Stacia:) Thinking of you girls heading back next week to test mania.
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    P.S. I am loving reading about your mentor sentences!

  22. Cutey, cute, cute! Love the new papers. Fingers crossed.(

    Spring Break ended last week for us...but you would never know it because we had a SNOW DAY today. Crazy huh?
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  23. That paper is way too cute girls! I am happy to catch up with you on your five for Friday!

    Teacher to the Core Blizz-ogg

  24. Cute paper!!!

  25. I loved reading more about you girls on your new tab...and I'm so jealous of the beach. My countdown to the shore is on! :)

    Teaching Maddeness


    love it!
    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math

  27. Oh my word! These papers are so cute!


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