Friday, August 16, 2013

Enemy Pie, Geography, Water Cycle, and more {Must be Five for Friday!!}

Hey there!  I'm thankful for this linky because we can take the time to try to share random bits from our week and it doesn't have to all go together...which is kind of how I feel like my brain is right now...all over the place!!  ;O)

So, here we go linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

We read Enemy Pie this week and created our own recipe for a good friend.  We brainstormed all of the characteristics of a good friend (which was also a great time for me to do a little assessing on their vocabulary) and then each student used the brainstormed list to write a final recipe for THEIR perfect friend.  It was a great chance to reiterate our classroom rule, as well, because since we were talking about what WE want in a good friend, maybe we should remember to BE a good friend too!

For more activities using this book, check out our Teachers Pay Teachers Store 

Stacia made these adorable friendship pies with plates and construction paper.  Look how cute they turned out!

We started social studies this year with geography to give the background the students would need in order to know where everything took place that we are learning about.  We have specific terms that we teach.  Stacia created a graphic organizer that had definitions in it with our terms and we are pasting these in our interactive notebooks!  You can find them HERE in our TpT store.

I also have a bulletin board that we are using to add the terms to as we learn them.  They pick a word and then they show me where it is on the poster and I use a pipe cleaner to make a line to the landform or body of water on the board.

In science, we are working on the states of matter as we get ready to start the water cycle.  The new teacher to our team had a cute idea of using tissue paper to have student illustrate the states of matter...I added them to my science bulletin board...

They used the tissue paper to show what the particles look like in solids, liquids, and gases.
Some of them wadded up the tissue paper and glued it. Some of the cut the tissue in squares(ish) and then put it on the end of their pencils to glue.  They turned out pretty cute.  (I'm sorry the pictures are so blurry- not sure what happened there...)

We had curriculum night last night (I think that's the longest day of the year since it starts at 7:00 PM and we didn't go home between the school day and curriculum night).  We made a few things that we put out in the hall for the parents to get to see.
Here was my wall display.  I got the idea from my daughter's wonderful teacher.  She has done this for several years with fish because her class theme is the ocean. I used owls because that's my theme. It's like an encyclopedia entry on the student.  All of the boxes are where their name is.  At the top it says Last name, First name (noun) and then they write the sentences in third person, so when you read it on the wall it's like an encyclopedia entry.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I got the owl for free from My Cute Graphics.

Here is Stacia's wall display for her ocean theme:
She had the kids use the jellyfish head from Krista Wallden and and then they used colored paper to write facts about themselves.  Then, they wrapped the paper around their pencil so that the tendrils were curled.  It turned out super cute! 
Last but not least, we are going to be holding a sale this weekend in our TpT Store.  I'm very excited about this sale because we have pages and pages of items on our wishlist that we can't wait to buy and start using!! Don't forget to enter the promo code when you check out!!!!  (I've done that and then you just want to kick yourself for forgetting- but I just got so excited!!!)

Love this button from Krista Wallden!
Have a fantabulous weekend!!


  1. What fun projects! I love your owls!

    Is Curriculum night a night when parents visit to learn about what you will be covering? We call that something different, so I am curious if it is something different.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  2. I read Enemy Pie with my 4th graders this week. It was the first time I'd read the book and we all loved it!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  3. You girls have been busy and I love your cute decorations for Curriculum Night- so fun!
    Happy weekend!
    Learning to the Core

  4. I love Enemy Pie - and those pie plates are awesome! I am looking forward to the sale too - but I am glad I will be away from the computer most of Sunday or else I might just overload my cart :)
    I am glad your curriculum night is over - those are the longest days - but the owls and jellyfish were great!
    Pinning these ideas for September :)

  5. Wow!! You girls have been busy!!! I agree Curriculum Night IS the longest night of the year! But at least it's over now! :)

    Have a relaxing weekend!!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  6. You have definitely started the year off right! Enemy Pie is such a cute story; the pie plates are adorable! Have a great weekend.
    Tamra and Sarah

  7. I love Enemy Pie. It is a perfect community building book.

    Both of the wall displays turned out great!


  8. Hi Ladies ... Wonderful ideas! I start with geography terms, too. Did you put the geography terms interactive notebook in your TPT store? If not, would you, could you before the sale is over? Thank you! I hope that I have the response option turned on. If not, I'll keep checking this page. Thank you! I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Hey Kristi!
      Let me check with Stacia and we will try to get it up today. You don't have the response option turned on, so I will reply again today once we get it uploaded. :O)


    2. Thank you! I will keep checking. Thank you for being patient with my notech ways.

    3. Ok, it's up! Here's the link

      :O) Thank you!

  9. Seriously, I pinned quite a few of ideas from this post! I love seeing posts about teachers teaching right now, it gets me excited to start back. Enough of the back to school stuff, I am excited to jump into learning!!!

    Bitty Bilinguals

  10. Enemy Pie sounds like a great way to start a year!! I wonder if I can get that book in New Zealand... Might have to go on a hunt!
    The E-Z Class Follow on Bloglovin


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