Sunday, May 18, 2014

Science Must Read Mentor Text {Pass the Energy, Please!}

Happy Sunday, Friends!

This week's Must Read Mentor Text is an awesome science book called Pass the Energy, Please! Description: "Here is a favorite of elementary science teachers for the food chain. Each of the creatures passes the energy in its own unique way. In this upbeat rhyming story, the food chain connects herbivores, carnivores, insects and plants together in a fascinating circle of players. All beings on Earth--from the anchovy to the zooplankton--depend upon the green plant, which is the hero of the story. The special talent of the author shines again (see also A Drop Around the World) for being able to present the science curriculum so concisely, creatively, and cleverly."

This book is so COOL! And the students LOVE it because of the vivid language and incredible illustrations! I love how the author wrote it in poetry form. She incorporates the important vocabulary related to our study of food chains and weaves it into a poem that is so engaging! 

This book sparks lots of discussion too. Before I even read a page, I show the students the illustration and have them describe what it happening either on their sticky notes or white boards. This allows me to see who has grasped some of the vocabulary we have been learning about and who has misconceptions. 

For example, on the page above, students may write: 
"predator- snake, prey- mouse"
"grass and flowers- producers"
"mouse and snake- consumers" 

I am thinking about even having my students try to write their own food chain poetry and drawing their own illustrations. Then, I can compile all of them together into our own class book. :)

I hope you can enjoy reading this fun book too! 
I would love for you to link up some of your favorite science must reads!  :)  
Have a great weekend, 

Next week's linky- Social Studies- Our last linky for this school year!


  1. I've not seen this book. What a fabulous way to teach that standard. :)

    I don't have anything to add to science, but I'll be back next week for Social Studies. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. While I am sure this is a great book I just feel sad. Sad because I have a social studies book ready and sad because next week is the last week for the school year. We just went on a field trip to a conservation area to learn about habitats and food chains and then played a huge game of predator and prey. I was the "human" and was able to catch the kids just through sight - no running for me but loads of screaming and hiding on the part of my students - it was big fun : )
    Hope you ladies are having a great weekend. Enjoy your last few days of school!!

  3. Ordered it today from Amazon. Sounds great! Thanks!

  4. Ooo! Thank you for the great share; I've never heard of this book! Just added it to my amazon wish list!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  5. Thanks for the share! This looks perfect to use as part of our ecosystems unit!
    :) Karli

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