Saturday, March 7, 2015

Alphaboxes- Fun from A to Z!

Hey there!!

I know!!  It's been so long since we've blogged.  I feel ya.  It's not because we don't love you, it's just that thang called life!!  Is anyone else overwhelmed?  Can I get an amen???

Well, I promise we are teaching.  So, I did something the other day that was super simple, but the kids loved it.  What was it you ask?  ALPHABOXES!!  I'm sure you've probably heard them and use them all the time.  But, it's one of those "things" that I know is awesome and simple, but I forget about it because THERE ARE SO MANY great things and I probably over complicate things.  But as I've said here many a time, simple is sometimes best!
So, we've been learning about the American Revolution (my all time FAVORITE unit in Social much so I get behind in the curriculum because I just love it so...)

And we were talking about the Declaration of Independence.  We read a really fun book!

I guess it's your normal ABC book, but wait!  Not really!  One of my students even commented, "It's amazing that the author could put the events leading up to the Revolution chronologically with the letters!"

Wait what?!?!  Did my amazing student just say THAT???  Yes, yes he did!!  God bless him!!  He was right!!  This book has events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and events afterward!!  And, all in order using the alphabet!  AMAZING!!

I wanted to read this book because it was a great review of what we had already discussed and a great preview of where we were going!
You don't even have to use alphaboxes with an ABC book!  You can just use it to go over material already taught, in ANY subject!

And you know what?  My kids LOVED this!!  We could have just copied what each letter stood for but we didn't stop there! Oh no!  They wanted to brainstorm every possible word they could think of for the American Revolution that started with that letter, and we added it to the box!  LOVE IT!!
They even got so excited, they started color coding!!  This was very motivating for my students, so I'm linking it up with my sweet, sweet friend Joanne for
If you'd like a copy of the alphaboxes that I used, click HERE and you can download it!  We pasted it into our notebooks, but you can use it anyway you'd like!  :O)

I hope you have some fun!  From A to Z!!  :O)


  1. Just as you said... I used to use this great review activity and forgot about it. THANKS SO MUCH for the reminder! Alphaboxes is in my plan for this week's Science class.


  2. That is so great that you students totally got into it and recognized that the book was retelling the information in chronological order. I totally hear you on forgetting about things that work and that I love (and my kiddos too). I think we get so many things thrown at us and we try to incorporate new things that sometimes we lose sight of the tried and true strategies. Reminders like this post are great - thanks!

  3. LOVE alphaboxes! However, I never thought about putting them in order (what a great challenge that would offer to my higher kids). What a great idea by your student! I love that they have to think critically because of the limited space and letter choices. Very motivating for us and them! :) Thanks for sharing and linking up BBB! xoxo
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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