Sunday, June 14, 2015

Math Manipulatives- Organizational Tips and Tools Linky

Happy June!!! I can't believe the SUMMER is FINALLY here! :)
I'm sorry I have been away so long....finishing the school year and prepping for baby has been crazy busy! Exciting and fun, but so much to do!
I am enjoying the warm weather and preparing for the arrival of our sweet baby boy- could be any day now! Until then, I'm linking up with The Primary Peach (a collaborative blog with teachers from Georgia) to share some great classroom organization tips.

I'm excited to share some organizational tips and tools with you- this will be a weekly Sunday Linky through The Primary Peach.

This Week's Tip: Organizing Math Manipulatives 

My Math Manipulative Organization is nothing fancy or cute, but it works for me and my students. I've found the best way to organize these materials is to sort them into plastic containers and label them. I keep them all on a metal shelf behind my desk. This way I can grab the bins I need easily and distribute the materials to the students. And if I realize I need something else in the middle of a lesson, I can have one of my students go grab it. :)

For games and centers that require manipulatives, I pull out however many I need and place them in a smaller labeled container or plastic baggy. Then I can keep it with the game or center for the kids to use as needed. That way, I still have the bin of remaining manipulatives if I need them for a mini lesson or small groups.

My favorite place to find containers for manipulatives is Dollar Tree- they're cheap AND cute! Take a look below- I really want some of those pink and blue clip top lid ones- so cheery and bright!

I hope this gives you some ideas for organizing your manipulatives!

Please check out other Organizational Tips and Tools on the Primary Peach Blog- just click the image below.

Happy Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!  :)


  1. I LOVE Dollar Tree finds! They really do have some great colors, and I feel like I can be cute and matching without breaking the bank :)

    Theresa @ True Life I’m a Teacher

  2. You know my heaven will be filled with beautiful tubs, bins, baskets, and containers! LOL Dollar Tree has such great stuff!!
    ideas by jivey 

  3. Manipulatives are so important, but they can get out of hand easily. I love how you've organized them.
    Grade School Giggles

  4. I love those bins from the Dollar Tree with hinge lids. I have the hardest time finding them though. They always seem to sell out fast.
    The Chalkboard Garden

  5. The Dollar Tree rocks! I love a great deal, especially when it involves cute containers!

    Fit to be Fourth

  6. You can order organizational bins in quantity online, which helps when it comes to those high demand items. Sometimes you have to get 24 or 36 at a time though, so you may want to go in with another teacher or two.

  7. For small card games I use plastic containers from cleansing wipes. They have a hinged top and an additional little flap. And they're free.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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