Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two for Tuesday- Two Products in our store are half off, including our NEWEST product!!! Read on to find out what they are!!

Hi there!!  I'm excited to link up with The Teaching Tribune today to offer two products in our store for half off {TODAY ONLY}!  This is such a great idea and a great way to get great deals!

So, in 4th grade we teach about progressive verbs.  I'll prove it...here's the standard:

Form and use the progressive (e.g., I was walking; I am walking; I will be walking) verb tenses.

And that is all the common core states for 4th grade as far as verbs.

So in reading this, we would assume that we can just jump in and teach progressive verbs, right?  WRONG!  We all know it's not that easy!  We can't just assume that they remember everything they've ever learned about verbs.  Because they'll tell you with their own mouths that they never learned anything about verbs before.  Ok, maybe they'll remember what an action verb is but from there, things will probably get foggy...and we all know that they've learned about verbs!!

So, this year, I decided to make a unit to help me review (quickly) what they have learned about verbs (even if they think they haven't learned it...they just need a little push) and add on progressive verbs.  I started the product and used it, but never made it TpT ready in order to sell it until now.  So, I'd love to share it with you, and for the first day that it's out, you can get it HALF OFF!!

We pasted the notes pages into our grammar notebooks.

 Here is the first notes page after we pasted it in.  They totally remembered what an action verb was and wanted to add their own.  (And, you can see that they found a typo-  a student raised her hand and told me I put two of the word run...I think it's cute they automatically assume I made it.  They always look for typos so they can "help me" make something better for when I share it with other teachers!)
 Here we worked on linking verbs.  We highlighted based on be verbs, senses, and then "other".  We also labeled on the right side the nouns (there is an N written in yellow highlighter) and then showed how it was linked to another noun or an adjective.
For progressive verbs we separated the be verbs from the action on the left and then highlighted (with different colors again) the linking verb and the action.

These are just some examples.  You could also use the note page as a poster!  Here is more from the product:

Ok, so our second product is also along the grammar lines!  It's Stacia's super cute Adjective Ant pack!!  It's so cute!!  I used it this year as well!  The adjective unit is more interactive as far as having flipbooks and it also includes the cutest posters!

These are all of the posters (which are even more adorable in color) made into notes sheets that can be pasted in and used as a study guide!

Here's more about the unit:



There are flipbooks, posters, AND task cards!!  Not to mention the writing aspect that is also incorporated!  And, it's HALF OFF TODAY ONLY!  Go check it out and don't forget to check out all of the other Two for Tuesday deals going on over at The Teaching Tribune!

Also, there is only a three days left for this excellent deal from Educents!  We have teamed up with our friends and Educents for 18 instant downloads for you! It includes activities for so many of your favorite stories you will be reading this summer (or next year) and even a few downloads you can use with any book!  You have to check this out!  It's a steal!!

Happy shopping!

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  1. These two products look amazing. My students love to find errors too - sometimes I pretend I left them in on purpose to test their editing skills and to see if they were really paying attention : )
    Love the clipart, the ant posters are adorable. I love displaying posters and having a copy for student notebooks - love, love, love. Hope you ladies are enjoying your summer!!


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