Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's been up and Worksheet Wednesday {A Freebie!}

Hey friends!!  How are you???  I am much better now that our internet has been restored!!  While we were at the beach last week, lightening hit a tree near our house and probably our house as well because weird, random things wouldn't our internet.  And our dishwasher.  And our garage.  But all has been repaired except the dishwasher.  Let me tell you, I am not a fan of washing and drying dishes.  It takes so much TIME.  Between washing the dishes by hand and trying to do all of the laundry from our trip I've done little else! more complaining!!

We've been out for summer for about two and a half weeks.  We've been doing a little of this:

Ok, I haven't been doing belly flops but I've taken pictures of my kids doing them.  ;O)

And some of this:
I did try this one, but not the aaargh pose!
Anyway, we are trying to get in the swing of summer.  It hasn't been that hard!  ;O)

If you haven't hit summer break yet, don't be too mad.  We go back July 29th.  And, actually I go back on the 20th and have different staff developments that whole week too.  So, we jumped into summer with two feet and are going to enjoy EVERY bit of it!!

I have also joined up with so many other bloggers on the 3 Weeks No Cheats train.  What is this you might ask?  Well, you may know Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants?  Well, she has an amazing story of getting healthy!  She set up a blog called For Blogness' Sake and she is inspiring many to come and get healthy with her!  3 Weeks No Cheats is a goal setting chart that helps you exercise EVERY DAY and not cheat on the food (or drinks) that you know aren't healthy and may be adding unwanted weight (along with all kinds of other unhealthy side effects!)  Well you can definitely find out more by going to her description HERE.  There's been a party on Instagram about this and I (of course) wanted to join the party.  When my sweet friend Tara was about to start her second set of 3 Weeks NO Cheats, I asked her if I could come along for the ride.

So, I started on Monday.  Let me tell you this was not as easy a commitment as I thought it would be!  I really do like to go to the gym and I love being healthy and feeling good about myself, but I was really in a lethargic state.  The problem is, I do really well in the summer when I have time, but once school starts back, I just can't keep up with everything.  My hope is that I will really get to feeling better about myself and be REALLY motivated to keep it up during the school year.  I forget sometimes that it's OKAY to do something for myself.  Being healthy and going to the gym is for me, but it's really going to be for my kids and my husband too.  I have to make myself be ok with that!

So, here's my sheet and what I'm working on!  No soda (I mainly only drank Coke Zero), no bread (WHOA, that's a hard one!) and no sweets (not as hard when I'm not in school, but definitely my go-to when I'm stressed- and there's a whole bag of Reese's Pieces on my counter that a student gave me...but I'll be fine without it!  I know this!  I'll probably throw them away but I hate to waste a bag like that...)

I've crossed off two days, which feels really good!  I wanted to cross off today, but it's not over so...I won't.  I'm also really trying to eat clean.  Rachelle also has a great blogpost about THAT HERE.  It's amazing when your grocery cart is full of fruits and vegetables!  A totally different glance at my cart!  I felt so good pushing this around!

It's choc-full of good eatin'!  And, no worries, those are organic corn tortilla chips!  Don't judge that I bought bagged steps people!  ;O)

So, that's what I've been trying to conquer so far this big deal, right?  ;O)  Actually, I feel really good right now.  I'm eating better and working out.  I actually worked out and then came home and cleaned my house (vacuuming, mopping, etc) and I felt really good.  Not at all like I usually do where I want to just sit on the couch!  Now, off to make a clean dinner of roasted chicken, potatoes, and asparagus!  (Shhhhhhh, don't tell my husband it's healthy!  Last night I made spaghetti with ground turkey and whole wheat entire family loved it!  SCORE!  They couldn't tell a difference!)

I also wanted to link up to The Teaching Tribune for Worksheet Wednesday!  This week it's all FREE math worksheets that are being linked up!  You need to go check it out!
We are sharing one of our first freebies, our perimeter and area worksheet!
Just click the picture and you can download it from our TpT store.  If you download it, please leave feedback!  And don't forget to check out all of the other freebies linked up!

Do you have any good, healthy, clean recipes or advice for me?  I'd love to hear it!
PS- Don't forget we have teamed up with our friends and Educents for 18 instant downloads for you! It includes activities for so many of your favorite stories you will be reading this summer (or next year) and even a few downloads you can use with any book!  You have to check this out!  It's a steal!!

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  1. Congratulations on your first couple of days on the "No Cheats" plan. I love your thinking of healthy habits in the summer carrying over to the school year. Wow! I thought I went back early on August 13. Have fun with your exercise, and enjoy your summer! It looks like it's off to a great start.

    Fit to be Fourth


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