Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HIghs and Lows of January

I am linking up with our blogging buddy Katie (love that girl!) at Teacher to the Core for her new linky...

high low

We post about our biggest high and lowest low of January.  So, here I go!!

(I believe in bad news first!)


My low was when I sat down to try to plan out everything I needed to still teach in math, science, and social studies before THE TEST and I realized I was tragically far behind where I should be to get it all in.  Since our 4th graders have to pass ALL portions of the test (reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies), their promotion to 5th grade is in my hands ('s also in their hands but if I haven't taught it, that's my fault).  I'm very stressed about this but trying to take it a day at a time.  All I can do is my very best...I hope it's enough.

HIgh (2)

I just finished all of my Fountas and Pinnell reading running records TODAY!  Oh my, it took forever.  BUT, it took FOREVER (and a day) because ALL of my students went up MULTIPLE levels.  I was seriously worried at the beginning of the year and when I started running records Jan. 3rd I was terrified they wouldn't have moved at all because those stories are tough.  For the kids to have to think beyond the text was the hardest part (making inferences) and I was just worried.  But, they all did really well and I am so proud of them!!!!!  I have to meet with my principal soon, so I am so glad to be able to share good news!!!  Now, this is not to say they are all on grade level, but they all made growth, which is all I wanted!!

*Disclaimer- I had only one student who did not make growth, but his father died in November and then he was out of school for 2 months.  Right now I am just trying to be his consistent support system and give him lots of love while his home life is in great turmoil.  He is 11 and on a first grade level so we just take one day at a time and I try not to overwhelm him.*

Head over to Katie's blog and link up!  This is a great way for us to support each other!!  Cyber high fives and shoulders to cry on help us all get through another day!!!



  1. AHHH... the good old days of benchmarking! Certainly a high when you have a good number of students make improvement, but such a LOW trying to get them all done! Fourth grade would be interesting- I taught K and first and I remember the first time a benched with the first graders I thought they were SO SMART because it was first qtr and most of them could read!

    Congrats on the scores!
    Amy @

  2. I feel your pain with those F&Ps!! And don't stress about being behind. I know you, and you'll get it DONE! :) :) <3
    ideas by jivey

    1. Thaaaaaaaaaanks!!! But I might kill myself trying to get it all done!!

  3. Oh mercy being behind is rough and happens to all of us.... hit the big standards hard and the ones that don't matter as much, just cover them an move on!

    Congrats on your reading growth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Rock on ladies!

    Teacher to the Core Blog

    1. Thank you Katie!!! I know I just need to focus on the big's just so hard when they build on each other!!

  4. Congrats on how well your students did on the assessments! I am about to start the DRA and am nervous about whether or not my kiddos have moved.

    Sorry you are feeling stressed and behind. I hope that you can get things done without feeling too stressed.

    Compassionate Teacher

  5. Amanda--great news. You are smart to focus on the good, though I know exactly how you feel about fitting it all in. I have a month before the testing starts, which includes vacation and possible snow days. Ugh. It will be what it will be at this point!

    1. A MONTH????? Holy cow. Ok, if I only had a month I'd die. Ok that's an exaggeration but I would be so stressed!! You seem very calm so that must mean you are better at staying on pace!! That's awesome!


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