Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday- Winter

Happy Tuesday!!
We are linking up with Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade for her Show and Tell Tuesday!!  This week, the theme is winter!!  (It does NOT feel like we are having winter in Georgia since it was 70 degrees this past weekend, but we do still hope for snow at least once every year!)

Winter is "snow" much fun! Here is a winter freebie I (Stacia) made. It has a synonyms printable (a great review or daily assessment), a winter acrostic poem (a fun way for my students to practice using adjectives) and my favorite part- SNOW-O (a snowy BINGO game)! SNOW-O is a winter themed Bingo game. Use any word list you want! Let students write in the words you gave them on the blank boards. Then you are ready to play. Have students use mini marshmallows as their markers for an extra wintery feel! I’ve included some winter words in the download if you want to use a winter word list. :) My students are going to use science vocabulary words and word study Greek and Latin roots. I know they will be excited to play the game (and eat the marshmallows afterwards). 

Click here to download
Please let me know how you like the download and any other ideas you have! :)

Here is a craft that I (Amanda) found on Pinterest (original link here).  I loved it as soon as I saw it, but I wanted to try to incorporate it in my classroom.  We made it at home to try it out:
[I (Stacia) am jumping in here- aren't her little ones so adorable!?! Love them :O) ]

(Photo disclaimer- you can tell it's been humid here by the crazy curls on my littles.  And the littlest is my photo bomber who refused to get in the picture until the last second with his cup!!)  :O)

This is such a simple craft- white globes, some construction paper and my daughter wanted to add her scarf and hat!

My idea for the classroom was a "behavior management" idea.  Really more of an organizational motivator.  I have 29 fourth graders in my class.  They get pulled out for all kinds of things and they leave their materials EVERYWHERE.  My room looks like a mess for most of the day.  It's pretty much a dumping ground between the different places they go.  So, I wanted to motivate them to keep it clean.

My idea was to build a snowman.  They would earn the snowman parts by keeping their group clean throughout the day.  I have my desks in 5 groups/pods.  They would have to work together to keep their spaces clean.  (I was originally going to have a 2 globe snowman.  But, my daughter adamantly told me that "she" needed 3 parts to "her" body.)  Anyway, they would earn the globes first and then they could choose the other parts to their snowman in whichever way they wanted to build it (eyes, nose, mouth, buttons).  The first group to build the entire snowman would get no laps at recess for a week (part of our schoolwide health policy is that they have to walk or run 2 laps each day at recess).  Then I could keep them up as decorations for winter.

(Well, we aren't SUPPOSED to have anything hanging from the ceiling because our Fire Marshall would throw a fit, but I am still working out how they could "hang" without hanging.  Any ideas?)

Here's the but:  BUT- the globes are pretty expensive from the party store ($6.99 for 3).  My thought was I could reuse them by attaching the parts with velcro, but I'm not sure with it being so rounded if that would work.  So, this is still a work in progress in my brain for how to use it in the classroom, but as you can see, my littles enjoyed make her.  (My daughter named her Margaret after a friend at school.  So cute!!)

What are your thoughts?  Any ideas on how I can make my idea come to life without spending a ton of money AND without hanging it from the ceiling?  I think they would be so cute in the classroom!!

And please check out these other winter resources:

Click here

Click here
And if you missed our Building a Snowman Response, click here to see that freebie.

Happy Tuesday! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!  :) Thanks!!!


  1. Your packet is SNOW cute! Thanks for sharing.

    I love your snowman incentive idea. My only thought to make it more affordable would be to have the groups build smaller snowmen. Maybe you could use styrofoam balls that they have at craft stores? I imagine those would be cheaper.

    Just a thought.

    Compassionate Teacher

    1. That's true, I did not think of styrofoam balls! I may have to try that instead! Thanks!

  2. I think your snowman idea is great. I agree with the above comment about styrofoam balls. In my classroom we are spelling out snowman as a behavioral/ organizational thing.

  3. Your snowman craft is cute and I really like your idea for students to earn parts to build their snowman.You can't hang things from the ceiling? I love hanging crafts and student work from the ceiling. Hmmm... Could you maybe glue or hot glue their finished snowman to poster board or a large sheet of construction paper and then hang the poster board or construction paper on a bullentin board or to a wall some how. You could also glue each group's snowman in a box standing up and have the students create a setting for their snowman in the box. Then just cut out one side of the box to display the front of the snowman in its setting. Not sure if these suggestions help but hope it helps.

    Lovely Literacy & More

    1. Very cute ideas! I used to hang things from the ceiling but our Fire Marshall won't allow it. :O( I like the idea of the setting for the snowman!! You guys are giving me a lot to think about!

  4. Thanks for linking up to show and tell this week and sharing such cute ideas! I hear ya about the warm winter, it's in the 80's here!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

    1. It's hard to think about winter when it's so warm! Thanks for hosting!!


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