Thursday, May 2, 2013

Currently in May...

It's that time....

Listening- to coffee brewing...ahhhhhh.  What's better than the sound of coffee?  The smell!!  Yum!!!

Loving- I'm loving that it's finally getting warmer and I can wear my sandals (or flip flops if I'm not at school)!

Thinking-  I feel like I blinked and the year was coming to an end.  I really don't feel like it's been a full school year almost.  I guess that's good!!  It's better than feeling like the year drug on!!

Wanting- We have so many end of the year things that we have to have our kids accomplish, I'm pretty frustrated because I had planned to do some fun activities and now it feels like there's not enough time!  We do fun things throughout the year, don't get me wrong, but we were going to do some projects that were going to take a good chunk of time and now I'm not sure we can get it all in with only 2 and a half weeks to go.   :O(

Needing- A personal assistant- doesn't everyone?  You do not even want to see what my May calendar looks like.  It's covered.  Full.  Pure craziness.  And I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight.  What do you use to keep events and deadlines organized? Because so far, what I've used hasn't worked very well (the calendar on my phone, a desk calendar, planbook...).  I'd love your help!!

Summer Bucket List-  1.  Beach- we have planned to go to the beach in July so I'm excited about that!  It will be my 2 year old's first time!
2.  Get organized-  Um, see above?  But really, I need to get my house in order, get rid of a lot of stuff, plus get organized for school so I don't get so far behind next year like I did this year.  I'm actually excited about it...I love organizing.

Ok, so a BIG thank you to Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade!!

I am also linking up with Jess from I Heart Recess for her May Goals Linky:

I think they are pretty self-explanatory!!  :O)


  1. I am in the process of organizing and purging. It feels great! My biggest challenge is organizing my books. I've tried different ways, but not any that I would recommend.

    I love the smell of coffee, as I am reading this and not organizing.

    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  2. 2 1/2 weeks. That's awesome! Organizing life events is crazy May. I use the alarm on my phone for lots of things I think I might forget. Good luck organizing at the end of the year!


  3. I'm about to break down and buy an Erin Condren I think. I don't know how else to keep myself organized................... :-o
    ideas by jivey

  4. Wow - 2 1/2 weeks?! That's awesome - enjoy your students. God gave them to you to invest in for this year. Do something meaningful with them.

    I have a beautiful Downton Abbey calendar that I use for scheduling and to-dos - I love to write it in because it's so cute!
    Also, my hubby and I have busy (and often opposite!) schedules, so we have a dry erase board in our kitchen with each day of the week. We use it to write in work hours, meetings, appointments, etc. each week.

    Have fun at the beach!

    Joy in the Journey

  5. Yes! Agree with getting the Erin condren! Need pretty pens, too!!!

  6. Hi Girls,

    Your blog is so sweet! I'm right behind you in Farley's "Currently" and I'm glad that I found you! I bet it's fun to collaborate on a blog!

    Happy Friday!
    First Grade Follies

  7. Thanks for linking up! More sleep sounds like a fantastic idea, only if my 14 mo would agree :)


  8. I'm so excited for the end of school, but I feel like there is not enough time for the fun stuff too! Our math text will literally take us until the 3 days before school ends (and that's pushing it).

    I really want to organize this summer too! It's really the only time I can get anything done!

  9. I'm diggin' your May goals; I'm right there with you on most of them. Here in the last couple of weeks, I feel like I'm posting and sharing, but not commenting and connecting (even though I do read blogs from my phone when killing time). Still though. Need to get better at that!

    Only one person away from 500 followers! Congrats ladies! :)

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  10. I found you through Currently, and I'm one of your newer followers! Funny! I said that I need a personal assistant too! Life is hectic! I've started to say "no" to doing! But when I do decline, it seems like I have even more things to do! We will make it through! Summer is almost here!
    The Extra Energetic Educator

    1. I finally broke down and ordered my first Erin Condren planner....complete with cute pens. It should arrive this week! I also love an app called Cozi. It is so much easier to use than the calendar on my iPhone, and you can color code it by person and link it up with family members. I post my boys' sporting events, and my parents can access it. Fabulous time saver!


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