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Tricks of the Trade- Poster Storage and Organization


I'm here with a quick post to link up with Jessica and Becky for

I'm not the best at storing things.  Mainly because when I change out my bulletin boards, I'm in a hurry to get the next one up.  :O/

I used to use a few storage boxes like this:

But since I had to move classrooms so many times, they would get torn up in the moves.  :O(

I still have most of my third grade bulletin board "stuff" stored in those boxes, which are now in my garage due to lack of storage space at school.  Mine were really big and there's just not a lot of great places to hide them at school.

My fourth grade bulletin board sets are stored in a bag like this:

Stacia introduced me to these bags.  Boxes attract bugs at our school (ewwwww).  Plus, I really like this because they are clear and they can hang.  My bags are hanging on a hook that is on the back of my door, so they aren't quite so visible all of the time.  I can't get as much in this bag as I did in my box, but I still like it better.  I separate have 2 bags- one for science and social studies and the other for language arts.  We make a lot of our anchor charts and posters as we go, so I don't do a lot of storing...if that makes sense?

I have my borders stored in a box like this:
This works fine because there are separators and I can look down in the box and see which border is which.  I usually clip all of the same type borders together.

I would love something more like this:

Again, because it's clear, plastic, and it hangs!

I THINK Stacia has something like this for her sentence strips:
As far as anchor charts, I used to laminate them (well, I still do) and then punch holes in them and put rings threw them so they were all together.
At my old school, my custodian was sweet and put a bike rack (or at least that's what I thought it was but I couldn't find a picture of what it looked like- it was heavy duty) on the wall behind my door.  I would hang the charts from the bike rack and I could pull them down and easily go through them and pull off the one I needed.  I had them "ringed" based on the subject.  I'm not sure my new school would allow us to drill into the wall, so I store my anchor charts in the bulletin board bag.

When I have a bulletin board set, I usually put all of the small pieces together in a large ziploc bag and then staple the bag to the bigger pieces (or clip) so they all stay together in the bag.  That way, the next year I can just pull it all out together instead of digging!

I"m one of those OCD people that likes everything to be flat because if it's rolled up, then it curls and that makes me a little crazy.  I like to slide everything in flat and keep it flat if at all possible, which is another reason I love those bags.

I can't wait to see how everyone else organizes their bulletin boards!  I think I need some tips!!


  1. Ahhh...the rings! I use those rings for everything! Love them. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. The rings is such a good idea! I also love the clear storage for bulletin boards.

  3. Wow, so many good ideas! I felt like I needed to take notes. I am definitely pinning this post to remember to look for those bags. Also, I am definitely going to try to figure out a way to keep my charts hanging together. That seems like such a good idea.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your awesome ideas!

    Compassionate Teacher

  4. Love the plastic bags! Ladybug Teacher Files is hosting an organization linky party at:

    You should check it out and link this post up there!

    The Bender Bunch

  5. Awesome!! I love the border and poster bags!! My fave!


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