Monday, May 6, 2013

Fabulous Feedback Linky Party

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I'm sure many of you may know about a small little old sale that will be going on at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook this week!  :O)

Did you also know that you get credits at TpT for leaving feedback on items you have purchased?  And when you get to 20 credits, that's a dollar off of your next purchase?  It's a great incentive for leaving feedback!

We so appreciate all of our buyers!!!  And all of our feedback!!  A lot of times when someone leaves feedback on their purchased product, they rate it and then just say "Thanks" in the comment section.  We obviously appreciate the great ratings, but at the same time, as a seller and a fellow teacher, we'd love to know what you liked about it.  How was it helpful?  What made it work in your classroom?  Etc, etc.

So, Christina Bainbridge from Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge is having a Fabulous Feedback Linky to share fabulous feedback we have received and to say THANK YOU for everyone who has bought our products!!

So, we are going to share 3 feedbacks that we have received that really brightened our spirits!  And, if you follow this blog, and you are the one who left the feedback, we will give you an item free from our TpT store!

At the top, is the name of the product.  Then, you have the feedback submitted.  If you want to see the product in our TpT store, you can click on the button!  Here we go!

These sweet ladies took time out of their day to write their thoughts on our products. We soooo appreciate it!!

Now, we do have tons of feedback that says,



Great resource!

Just what I needed!

And we appreciate all of that feedback as well!  However, it does not help us grow as sellers because it is not very specific.  And if a customer comes to our store and checks the feedback to try and decide if they want to buy something from us, they may want to see more than just one or two words to help them decide if they really want to buy this product.

So, as you load up your wishlist with tons of wonderful products from awesome sellers, and you realize that you have some products that you still need to give feedback on, if you can, take a sec and be thoughtful about what exactly you liked about the product, and maybe what grade level you used it with, so that way, the seller will know which audiences she is reaching and how it helped!  :O)

Thanks so much for reading and considering this!  :O)

Here are a few of our friends and links to their Blogs (by clicking their button) and TpT Stores (by clicking the link below their buttons)!  Go check out these amazing ladies!!

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  1. I love the linky party! I'm going to have to join in on the fun! :-)


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